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Wirewinders offers diverse product and process capabilities. We use modern equipment, in a climate-controlled facility, including our own machine shop.

We can support and provide all aspects of coil manufacturing--from concept through completion--with the kind of expertise and commitment that ensures the fulfillment of each requirement and the achievement of all goals.

Services and assurances include, but are not limited to:


  •  From design assistance to tooling.
  •  Testing and assembly methods.
  •  Small and large production runs.
  •  Quality materials
  •  Competitive pricing

We have done work for some of the "worlds" most recognizable organizations, such as:

  •  Sandia National Labs
  •  NASA
  •  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •  Texas A&M
  •  Stanford University

Toroids Air Wound Bobbin Encapsulated Epoxy Wound Bondable


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